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Room 6 had a lot of fun working through their Technology process today.  Their goal was to design, cut out and shape a 3D Xmas tree.  Two pieces of 3 mm MDF precut with opposing slots so they fit together.

Our learning Intention and success criteria were worked out at the beginning as we tried to figure out the best way to make this product.  Ryan, Mitchell and Chrome were really great at identifying the key learning.

We are learning to make a template. (this lets us control the shape of our product so we get what we want.)

Our Success Criteria;  (This tells us the steps we have to take to make and use our templates).

I can fold my piece of paper in half.

I can draw my design on one side.

I can cut out my design.

I can trace my design onto my material.


Later we decorated our ‘trees.  There is always a time when art and technology can be combined.

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