Amazing Candle Stick Holders

2014 has seen a really cool development for our Hard Materials Technology. 

We have been looking for a way to bring in metal as a material to which we can apply our technological processes.  The answer was COPPER!  Looks great and its easy to work with hand tools.

This candle stick holder involves students in a huge number of processes and allows them to investigate lots of different materials.

We start by choosing a piece of natural timber and thinking about how we want it to look.  Keep the bark on or peel if off?  Sand it back to bare wood or leave a bit of texture and definition?

Next we form leaves and drip trays from copper sheet.  We heat it to soften it enough to work easily – this is called annealing.  After it cools we get to beat it with hammers until we can get some texture onto the copper.

We shape our bases from pine – but then we use a blow torch to char the upper layers of timber.  The softer layers become charred. 

After cleaning we attach the stand to the base and the leaves and drip tray to the stand.

We check our product against the attributes we decided on earlier to be sure we have met all our criteria.  Then a few coats of oil and the product is complete.  Finally we roll our candles from sheet wax.

Each product is different and they all look awesome.


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