Marae Trip

On Thursday we went on a trip to a marae. We stayed one night. My mum took me there. They had awesome food; fry bread and some fruit was yum mmmm the oranges were put in the water. It tasted good. The oranges in the fruit bowl were as refreshing as the ones in the water. When I bit into it it made my teeth freeze. It was so cold. We played a game, while people had showers and got dressed, called Ki o rahi. In the afternoon there were groups, I was in group five so I went last  😡

When we first got there, there were people from the marae singing a song. Then we lined up class by class so the teachers could make sure everybody was there. When we were in the marae we lined up, we did a hongi. I know these people from the marae; Whaea Repeka, Dr Pittman and Pricilla. Pricilla made awesome fry bread.

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  1. Jodie Baldwin
    Jodie Baldwin 17 March 2015 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Pricilla’s fry bread is the best Aye Che!!!!!

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