About Courtney McLaughlin

Room 1 Camp!!!

It will take forever to tell you all about our trip because we went to so many cool and different places so I’m only going to tell you about my favourite place, Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium!!!!!! It was amazing we got to sleep under the sharks and! Wait I will start from the beginning. We [...]

Knitting with Mrs Reid.

Wow! Mrs Reid is the most awesomest teacher ever. She has taught us so many different and cool things to knit. I have made a Pig Teddy Bear and an apron for it, 2 miniture scarfs for my soft animals and miniture gloves for them too. I have also made my mum a scarf all [...]

A Stallion

I heard hooves on the leafy ground. I ran as fast as I could. I turned and saw angry eyes glaring at me. I shivered and gulped in air. I felt for a solid but nothing was there. I closed my eyes and wished it away. I opened my eyes to see no horse but… [...]