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Room 3 Learning in Drama

We have been learning about some ways to use drama to investigate ideas.  I don’t know about you, but ‘Drama’ makes me think of scary stuff, such as being on stage and having to act, and sing and dance and so on. But with FREEZE FRAMES, all we need to do is set up a [...]

Hard Materials – Container products

As part of our Hard Materials Technology program for term 1, we have been making containers.  Our learning was about identifying and describing the attributes we wanted our containers to have.  As part of that we had to draw a working drawing that showed materials we would use, dimensions of the product and even how [...]

Amazing Candle Stick Holders

2014 has seen a really cool development for our Hard Materials Technology.  We have been looking for a way to bring in metal as a material to which we can apply our technological processes.  The answer was COPPER!  Looks great and its easy to work with hand tools. This candle stick holder involves students in [...]

What’s the buzz about the Bees?

Honey bee 7

    We are starting the new season, so our bees have been busy.  As they usually are.  We have had some challenges – and by we I mean the bees.  They had some trouble finding a suitable Queen – it turns out that sometimes the bees decide the Queen isn’t working out so they [...]

bees, honey and the environment

The front door.

  If you have been watching the media over the last few years you may have noticed more and more being said about the role of Bees in the environment.  In particular, how the Honey Bee seems to be in trouble. The poor old honey bee has suddenly a lot going against her.  Varroa is [...]

Room 6 Xmas Tree Tech’

Getting our process started.

      Room 6 had a lot of fun working through their Technology process today.  Their goal was to design, cut out and shape a 3D Xmas tree.  Two pieces of 3 mm MDF precut with opposing slots so they fit together. Our learning Intention and success criteria were worked out at the beginning [...]

The technology Centre and Market Day

Lots of rooms have been building products for sale at Hukerenui school’s upcomming “Market Day”.  We used a lot of our scrap materials to make these.  We are hoping that parents and grandparents, as well as anyone who wants to, will buy our products and may even donate them back to the school.  The products [...]

Will we be going to school one day on one of these?

New Zealanders invented the Hamilton Jet Boat, the bungy cord, disposable hyperdermic needles, the electric fence … a kiwi may even have been the first to fly a powered aircraft – unfortunately he landed in a hedge so it is not considered to be a “controlled” flight – minor technical thing really.  Is this the [...]