About Eliza Rockell

The Faraway Tree

The faraway tree shoots up into the sky, grabbing clouds with it’s mysterious fingers that disappear into the sky. It’s friends are the birds that roost in it. Knobbly bits are starting to show as it’s time keeps creeping closer. Pale green lichen starts climbing up the trunk to heaven. Lush, veiny, green leaves hang [...]

Room1 and 5 school camp

On the 5th and 6th of December, Room1 and 5 went on a journey to Auckland for camp. Off we went. Past Waipu, through Wellsford, and through Warkworth and then the bus stopped in front of the Honey centre that’s on the way to Auckland. There we ate our lunch and learnt about the queen [...]

I wish

I wish I was a stripy tiger prowling through the lush green grass. I wish I was a long-necked giraffe, reaching for the juicy leaves. I wish I was a blue bird singing in the tree tops. I wish I was an Arctic fox stealing others food. I wish I was a baby duckling racing [...]