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Kia Kaha Programme with Senior Constable Toni


For the next 4 weeks we are lucky enough to have Constable Toni working with the school on the Kia Kaha Anti Bullying programme.  There is lots of great talking and supportive pupils sharing their knowledge.

Technology with Mrs Johnson


Each teacher in our school is given 2 days of release to do testing, planning, organising and setting up programmes – it is called non-contact time. We are lucky enough to have Mrs Johnson from the Technology centre to take us during this time. We used the husks from our corn to create maize dolls [...]



I am blown away with the awesome swimming Room 2 is achieving.  There is so much participation and effort by these kids.  Way to go Room 2

Carding alpaca fibre ready for felting


In Room 2 this term our school learning focus has been the Alpaca on the school grounds and learning all we can about Alpaca in general. We found out facts such as Alpaca came from Peru in South America and and that if they have blue eyes they are deaf. We learnt about how to [...]

World of Maths


Today ALL pupils in our school got to experience how maths can be fun and hands on (not that they don’t get this in the classrooms but an expert is always very interesting to listen to). First Rooms 1 and 2 had the morning slot and the rest of the school was after morning tea. [...]

St Patrick’s Day


At school we celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a green mufti day.  These are the people that participated in our class. Our philosophy in Room 2 is to participate in all activities, and support others when ever possible.  The money that was bought to school went to help support and raise funds for the Problem [...]

Reaping what we sow.


For this second time this year, our class was allowed to go and collect corn for our families and take them home.  We were able to also go and get corn for us all to have at camp.  It is so cool to be able to grow our own food and watch the cycle of [...]

Alpaca shearing


Here are some photos of our time watching the alpacas getting shorn on school property.  Some kids loved being in the centre of this while others found it a bit scary.  After our unit on alpacas though we had a better understanding of what was going on.

Buddy Editing


As part of our writing programme we “Buddy Edit”. This is generally done on a Thursday and is where we get with a buddy and go through our writing with them.  We have to read our story to them and share its importance. After we have done this and checked the spelling and organisation of [...]

Maths Fun


Learning maths in our class is fun. We use lots of hands on activities and even get to play matching games with each other. We have 4 levels of maths in our class and look at numbers making 10 to 1 000 000 including fractions and decimals.  We know it is important to not just [...]