About Prem Jordan

Teacher of Room 1 Year 5 & 6

Room 1 enjoys school mini olympics


Room 1 plants native plants donated by Soozee McIntyre and Akerama Marae Nursery

Soozee and kids planting

  Well done Room 1 kids! Thanks Soozee!

White-bait life in polluted water BY Holly Hayes

White-bait life in polluted water BY Holly Hayes Splosh, splash, splish. “Why can’t I ever see anything in this murky water? It’s horrible!” Life as a white-bait is terrible. When I swim through this murky junk –place all I can see is DUMP! I have to bounce on top of the disgusting, murky water to [...]

The polluted sea By Tyrah Steventon

The polluted sea      By Tyrah Steventon   I am  a white bait swimming in the polluted sea.  It’s so dark I usually get stuck in the weeds. Sometimes I see the glad-wrap that people have thrown away for no reason.  There are also no rocks for other creatures.   Everything is slimy and [...]

Polluted Water By Taron Snowsill

  Polluted Water    By Taron Snowsill Splash! The water surface broke as some claying dirt fell into the murky water. I quickly swam away. It was all blurry! Something felt heavy on me. It was a dead cow. Boy, couldn’t  these people be more careful? I kept swimming down the river. Suddenly a gross stench [...]


  MY LIFE AS A WHITEBAIT   By Kaelyn Dodds I swam down the dirty stream. The storm had wrecked my home, put stick in it and created a dam. The brown river splashed and raged and attempted to break the dam. It didn’t work. I managed to get through, finding a less polluted home. I [...]

My life as a whitebait in polluted Water By LAETITIA WEIR.

My life as a  whitebait  in polluted Water      By LAETITIA WEIR. The current was strong as I fought through all the garbage as I   swam   through.    I   noticed   that   it suddenly   got darker. The polluted water rushed into my face. All I could see was soggy green water. Bits and  pieces were flying in my [...]

My amazing white bait life By Ryan Barnes

My amazing white bait life By Ryan Barnes I was swimming, swimming in the water when suddenly it went pitch black. I wondered what it was. I went closer. Splash! Crash! There it was! A cow’s head in my stream!  I wonder what they would do if their homes were polluted. My home is filled [...]

Whitebait by Kaia Stevens

I’M A LAMPREY  by Kaia Stevens Hi, I’m a Lamprey. When I was a kid, I was at lamprey school, and my best friend, Gibbs, and I were swimming across the coral reef, when a huge net came! Gibbs and I stared. Wait, that’s not a net! It was a huge eel! Life is not [...]

White Bait story by Mitchell Hayes

Being a Whitebait Splash! Splash! I am swimming to my home. I can’t see through the murky water. I pop my head out of the water. I need to swim through the fast- flowing pipe to get to my home. I am struggling! My body is giving up on me! I pop back out of [...]