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The boys on shop keeper patrol

This term Room 4′s topic was Rural Enterprise. Our Enduring and Understanding was: Our personal skills and resources combined with an enterprising approach can benefit our local and global community. Our Essential questions covered were, What is a skill and resource? How can we use these resources and skills? We decided to help children in [...]

The E-Mazing maize and mud pies!

Wheels and tracks everywhere

Congratulations to the Problem solving team and Room 2 on their new adventure with the maize. Room 4 has been intrigued with the changes around the school and the leased paddocks next to Hukerenui school. We have had some interesting conversations about the whole process, that we can see happening… even dirt has once again [...]

Maddness and Mayhem in the Technology Centre!

Well not really… but look at the process that Room 4 went through working to a brief in technology. Room 4′s learning was: I am learning to work safely in the technology room. I am learning to make a plan showing how I will make my marionette. I am learning to make a model of [...]

Bookweek Term 3 2013


Princesses, pirates, fairies, action heroes and where in the world was Wally? Well he was here in Room 4! Room 4 came well prepared to strut their stuff in our walk of fame in front of other Hukerenui students. Our main goal during this event was to promote the importance of reading, reading everything from [...]

Moving on up!


Congratulations to Shiloh and Faith who have moved from Room 4 up to Room 6. Shiloh and Faith were treated to a galaxy ride, with all the students from the junior rooms making an arch which the girls walked under. They were also sprinkled with galaxy dust on the way. All the best for your next [...]