Pig by Caleb


Soccer by Demitrius

Soccer fun ,  fit running , shooting, winning FIFA football

Soccer by Ryan

Soccer players , ball Running, Shooting , Scoring Is my favourite sport ever in the world Sport

Dog by Aaron

Dog mighty ,  fast jumping,  biting, chewing the fiercest of them all German Shepard

Otter by Natahlia

Otter brave , careful chasing, cuddling, swimming king of cuteness sea otter 

Brenna by Brenna

Brenna  Adventurous,   happy Galloping,  singing,  dancing The gentle, sensible  girl Hayes

Fireworks by Saul

Fireworks loud,   bright firing, blinding,  scaring cool as can be fireworks

Glue by Robbie

 Cinquain poems Glue Sticky, yuck gluing, sealing, helping sticking things together PVA                                                              

Horse by Faith

  Horse Wild, happy Snorting, fleeing, fighting The leader of a herd MUSTANG

Car by Jack

Car noisy, speedy moving, polluting, spluttering humans favourite transport SUV