My Ag Day By Ancje

My Ag day in room 2 – First I started to make most of our things like our bees, self portrait, koru art and our God’s Eye. 2 days later we made our piece of wood  and flower  saucer and farm and  fruit model. I got  2 first places. Lots of people did well. The [...]

My Ag Day by Paddy

This year I made ojo de  dios and  got  highly  commended. I  made  koru  art and got highly  commended too. I  also made  pop art and I  got  nothing for that but it was ok. I  also made self  portrait. I thought I was going  to  get some  thing for that..

My Ag day by Shylah

On Ag day I watched as the people were leading animals and they were wining heaps of ribbons and someone’s calf got on the loose and all the people were trying to catch it. When they caught it  we were allowed to look at what we made in the class. I won 2 thirds and [...]

My Ag Day by Evie

2017 Ag day was exciting. On the day we could not find my lamb. She was up in the neighbour’s paddock. When we finally found her she was all icky and yucky. She hopped in the boot of the car. 

My Ag Day by Jayden Robb

This year for Ag day I didn’t have an animal but, I did better than last year for the indoor exhibits.When I saw the indoor exhibits,I thought that I only got a prize for my scarecrow but I forgot to look on the walls and the wires.The second time I went in I remembered to [...]

My Ag day by Theo

On Ag day I got a certificate for a decorated stick. I also did an unusual flower container, a decorated rock, Ojo de Jios, a self portrait and some other things. I didn’t bring a pet to Ag day but my sister,Lacey brought a goat. There were lots of fun games and fundraisers. Each person [...]

My Ag Day by Georgia Foster

For Ag day this year we did a farm scene,  a Ojo De Dios,  a picture of ourselves, koru art  and a picture of your pet. For my farm scene I got highly commended, for my koru art I got a third, for my pet model I got a first. for my bee  I got a [...]

My Ag Day by Finn

On  Ag Day I watched  as  people were leading calves and lambs and  baby goats. After that mum brought an ice-block and she gave me $4.00  and  I went straight to a chocolate game.The  chocolate  game  was  fun. You  had  to  throw    $2.00  and I  actually  got  a   chocolate  bar.  After that we went [...]

My Ag Day by Keeley

2017 Ag  day was so tiring. I did not feel like getting up. My animal was a lamb. She  was a girl. Her name was Frosty. Her breed was a Roamny Whiltshire – all white lamb. I  went to the semi finals then the finals. Frosty got me 2  ribbons  and 2 trophy. I got [...]

My Ag Day by Rocco

I made a vegetable man on Ag day and a self-portrait and came 4 th.  I made a rock with one half red and the other half black. It was hard finding the flowers so I had to buy some and didn’t. I didn’t get any card for that but mum loved it.My farm was kind of the [...]