Syria by Keyan

It looks  like he needs food. If I was there I would give him and his family some food. But I do not know if we are allowed there. I don’t think people  should live like this. It is not good. I do not want to live like this. It must be very cold at  [...]

The Accident by Nataliah

The wintry air rushed through my body. I had no idea where I was. The blue sky was fading into black. The pain caused from my wound made me ask “Am I going to be OK?”  Blood was oozing out from everywhere. Blocked in, I couldn’t move. I wondered if the other driver was OK. [...]

Syria by Manaia Mackay

I’m Lebanon and I’m a Syrian refugee. My parents Symina and Jebano were  tragically killed. Before they were killed we lived in beautiful  Aleppo.I’m 5 years old and I have an older caring sister Adana who is 12. I think she moved to Turkey but I never get talked to about her. I did have [...]

The thing in my closet by Summer Stairmand

BANG! BOOM! CRASH! There is something in my dark creepy closet. It’s midnight and I have woken up from my slumber. I look over my blanket to have a peek then I see a creepy shadow zoom across my wall . All I hear is dead tree branches banging on my windows. I look over [...]

Rainbows End by Keelam

The crazy traffic is moving slowly till we get to Rainbows End. Everybody is screaming as we exit the car. We rush to pay so we can go in. I was so excited until we went on the little kids fear-fall. I was with my sister Karlee, my auntie Hazel, my mum and my two cousins. The [...]

Syria Life by Skyla

There are lots of dishes but I cannot  help it. It is cold even though the sun is shinning. At night it is even colder so we all have to snuggle up together to stay warm. Each morning when we wake up we only have something very small but alteast it is something that is [...]

Great Pyramids of Giza :By Zakk Hokai

The great Pyramid of Giza is 481 ft tall but because of erosion it lost 31 ft. It weighs 6.5 million tones, and the base of it is 52609.1 m2. It has 203 levels  of steps, and it took 23years to complete. It has 2.3 million blocks that each weigh 7 tons each. The pyramids [...]

Ready for France trip by Jazzy

I drove down to Auckland in the morning at 6:oo. We flew out  the next morning. We had a few  stops  on the way there and we had lunch in Wellsford.  My sister, dad, mum and I  were going to stay at my sister’s house that night . We were flying out to France. By [...]

Syria by Tyrah Steventon

After 6 years Syria has been in a war with them selves. They have been tortured badly. Some of them, well most of them, are dead and we need to help. We can send food,water,clothes,toys,blankets and much more. What happens to us is nothing  compared  to them. So find ideas to help them. All of them have tried to go everywhere but no one [...]

Ancient Egypt :By Lily Ashby.

Ancient Egypt is famous for its pyramids and the pharaohs who ruled the land and made the laws. As they made the pyramids they made it out of 2.3 million stone blocks which weighed 7 tons each. That’s a lot to carry. It took 23 years to build the great pyramid of Giza. The bottom is [...]