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On the 5th and 6th of December, Room1 and 5 went on a journey to Auckland for camp. Off we went. Past Waipu, through Wellsford, and through Warkworth and then the bus stopped in front of the Honey centre that’s on the way to Auckland. There we ate our lunch and learnt about the queen bee and her bees. When we got to Auckland the me and the classes went to Star dome. Star dome D is a planet observatory were you learn about the stars and the planets. Then we went to the Auckland Museum and got split up into groups and went round the Museum. We all got hungry and the bus took us to Kelly Tarlton’s, and we got fish and chips for dinner. My dinner group was: C.J, Aroha, Makenna, Jasmine and me.{ there my friends too.}  After our lessons, we got ready for bed. Some students slept under the fish tank and some slept under the shark tanks. My favourite part at Kelly’s was Stingray bay. The Stingrays were gentle. People some times say that they are gentle giants. They are beautiful marine creatures. The next day we all got ready to go to Snow Planet. When we got there, we all got in to our warm gear. The ski boots were very heavy . When we tried walking, we walked stiffly, not like normal. We also had to wear helmets while we were skiing. My favourite part at Snow Planet was skiing down the hill. At snow planet I fell down a couple of times, but otherwise it was fun! For lunch, the classes had: a bottle of sprite, a burger and chips. It was yum!!!   😀



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