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It will take forever to tell you all about our trip because we went to so many cool and different places so I’m only going to tell you about my favourite place, Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium!!!!!! It was amazing we got to sleep under the sharks and! Wait I will start from the beginning. We hopped out of the bus pushing and shoving to get our bags. As soon as we had got our bags we all went to the exit and downstairs into a blue hallway. Our guide came and led us into a room. We put all our bags in a pile on one side of the room. “Sit with your eating buddies” Mrs Jordon calls. I move and sit with Aroha Eliza Makenna and Jasmine. Trisha ( our guide ) put on a movie for us Ice Age. We watched Ice Age until Mrs Jordon came back with our fish and chips. After we had eaten we went to Scott’s Base. Steven our tour guide told us all about Scott’s heroic journey through Antarctica. We got to look around a replica of his base and came through a door leading to a hypnotizing tunnel. When you walked into it and let go of the railing it felt like you were going upside-down. They had two types of penguin Gentoo and the King. The Gentoo would come right up to the glass and swim up close to have a good look at you. The King would ethier ignore you or pull out their old feathers. They weren’t very interesting. After we had a look Steven took us through a door to Stingray Bay. We had a look around their to then soon our giude came over and got in the tank wih the Stingrays. She had a buket of the left over shark food in it. When the Stingrays got a bit they came up to the side of the tank and spat it in and out and little bits floated around until they ate them. After that we had a compertion who can keep their hands in a bucket of frozen fish water . It was all on boys aganst girls we had six people in each team. It was so cold some people even cryed or were close to crying. We had to hold our hands under cold water for ages. It was scary because the cold water felt warm. After that freezing experience we were taken to the first thing Kelly made, the  tunnels. It was amazing!!!!!! You saw all the fish and when the sharks swam over you you saw the sharks spotty belly. After that we got taken to a secret door and we went in and ended up at a big place where the fish and other animals that were new went to when they first come. We also got to feed the fish in the tunnels. The man gave us a hunk of fish and we got to throw it in the tank to the fish. Soon enough we headed back to our sleeping place. Trisha went through drills in case their was an emergency. But she said nothing bad had happened ever so that put us at ease. Soon we got to go around in the dark to find where we wanted to sleep. We all ran off. Me, Aroha, Taron, Vylett and Lucus went into the tunnels and pretended to be spys. Soon the lights came back on and we all went back to the teachers sleeping place to get our stuff to get ready for bed. I changed into my P JJ’s and went to clean my teeth. After I grabed my sleeping gear and went to sleep by the small tanks wih Aroha. We stayed their for a while but Vylett wanted to go into the tunnels so I went wih her but their was no more room, so we went back were we were. Then we went to the toilet about ten times. Then I got bored and we moved to where the teachers were sleeping and stayed their for a while then someone farted so we moved back to the small tanks. Then we heard this huge flush out so we went back to were the sleeping teachers were and stayed their. In the morning we packed up and went to stingray bay but before that we wached a short movie about how Kelly Tarlton started his Aquiarium. At stingray bay we had breakfast and one last look at the Stingrays then we had one last look at the penguins and then left.

WOW what a trip!!!


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