The Faraway Tree

The faraway tree shoots up into the sky, grabbing clouds with it’s mysterious fingers that disappear into the sky. It’s friends are the birds that roost in it. Knobbly bits are starting to show as it’s time keeps creeping closer. Pale green lichen starts climbing up the trunk to heaven. Lush, veiny, green leaves hang on to the branches like little kids hanging on to their mother.The branches spread out like enormous umbrellas.When the wind howls through the leaves they start spreading rumours as the wind rushes past, bowling them over.The faraway tree is worn by the woodworms making their pattern less tunnels in it.The branches sway like the tentacles of an angry octopus.

By Eliza





































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  1. Makenna 7 May 2014 at 2:09 pm - Reply

    wow that is such a cool story Eliza it sounds great

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