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On Thursday last week, we went for a camp at Akerama Marae.  We took Aaron and Kyle in our car.  When we got there we put all of our clothes by our beds, then we put our matress down.  I slept by Che, Aaron and Ryan.  Then it was morning tea.  There were sweets and fruit.  Fruit was my favourite thing. 

Then we started to do our activities.  First we were doing the poi’s.  Whaea Ripeka she told us how to do it perfectly.  My poi was big.

My mum Andrea was helping the poi group.  Then we moved on to write about where our mountain was, our Marae and our river.  Our mountain was Hikurangi. 

Then we moved to flax weaving.  I first made a simple flower.  It was tricky but I got the hang of it.  I made a second one.  It was easy.  Then I gave it to Whaea Merilene and she made it into a cool rose.

Then it was lunch.  I had some food and then went onto the playground and played tiggy.  Then we made some sticks with Doctor Pitman.  Mine was colourful and had koru’s on it.

We moved to Te Rakau, to tap the sticks on each other and on the ground.  When we finished that I played a game called Ki o rahi.  You had to try and chuck the ball at the pou.  The red team does that and the blue team tries to run and tap the ball on the sticks.  Our team won first.

Then I went for a shower.  Then I went to my bed to have a rest.  Then it was tea.  There was beef, lamb and more different kinds of meat.  And some potatoes.  Once we ate all of our tea, we got icecream.  There were lots of fruits in it.  Isla made funny jokes about it. 

Then we went to bed.  I fell to sleep first but I snored and kept my friends up for a little bit. 

Then in the morning at six o’clock I got up, had a talk with my friends and got my clothes and had a shower.  Then we got dressed and had some breakfast.  I had toast and a milo.  Then we did performance practise for an hour.  Then we put all of our gear in our car.  We had more lunch and did the performance.  My buddy was Ryan for te rakau.  It was hard when we did the poi – you had to swing it forwards and backwards and upwards.  Then we said goodbye and then we left.

That marae was really cool and fun.









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  1. Jodie Baldwin
    Jodie Baldwin 16 March 2015 at 10:21 pm - Reply

    I really like the detail you have put into your camp story sharing what you liked and what you did. I even like the bit about your snoring!

  2. Jodie Baldwin
    Jodie Baldwin 17 March 2015 at 9:03 am - Reply

    I was also very impressed that you used paragraphs.

  3. tamara smith 15 April 2015 at 5:42 pm - Reply

    Your story is really cool and that marae trip was too!!!!

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