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IMG_2284 IMG_2259 IMG_2209 IMG_2266On Thursday my class went to Soozee’s and Mel’s farms so we could see if there¬†was water life in their farm rivers. First we pulled in the traps that Soozee had put in over night. They had lots of Big Bullies in them and little Gambusia. Then we got into our groups. Our group was called the Slippery Eels. Then we got our nets and other gear. Our group caught lots of little Gambusia and we caught lots of other critters too. We found two water spiders and Sloan’s group caught a fresh water crayfish. In the end we all got together and talked about the water life we found. Then we talked about the natural habitats at school.


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  1. Helen Hayes 26 March 2015 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    Looks like a fun and interesting day! has inspired me to take the kids out on the farm and see what we can find!

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