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IMG_2299 IMG_2302 IMG_2301 IMG_2300 IMG_2296 IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2294 IMG_2293 IMG_2292 IMG_2291Today ALL pupils in our school got to experience how maths can be fun and hands on (not that they don’t get this in the classrooms but an expert is always very interesting to listen to).

First Rooms 1 and 2 had the morning slot and the rest of the school was after morning tea.  Each group got over an hour to take part in all the activities set up.  We were all in mixed ability groups and worked as a team.  Before activities could be embarked upon we had to read the instructions to know what to do.  Each group had 17 activities they could participate in.

Some of the activities the seniors participated in involved tangrams, gears, map reading, making rubik cube like puzzles, graphing, measuring distances, solving word problems, measuring area and shadows, using the old mathematical napiers bones for multiplication, measuring speed and angles, and weights.

The juniors got to look into heaviest and lightest animals,mazes, ordering ski races, counting steps, building towers and so on.

Each child had a great time participating the activities and as teachers we found out some pupils are naturally gifted in visual spatial awareness and are able to see how to problem solve effectively.

I was very proud of our school pupils and their behaviour and how well they participated in their groups and supported each other.

Way to go H

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  1. Helen Hayes 26 March 2015 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    The kids had a lot of fun, well worth the $5. Thanks for organising this Jodie.

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