Core Teaching Beliefs

Core Teaching Beliefs 2013-12-02T13:15:49+00:00

Our teaching beliefs are symbolised by the koru which represents growth and harmony across the eight year groups. They provide a common language of expectations for the teaching staff on our pathway to achieve our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our beliefs:

Students will be clear about:

• What they are learning and why

• How they will achieve their learning

• What the learning might look like

• How well they have achieved the learning (self assessment)

Students will self evaluate and self regulate their learning by reflecting on their current achievement and progress to determine their next learning steps.

When planning teachers will make connections through:

• Making relevant choices by using student interests and prior knowledge

• Linking experiences to reflect the community and its heritage

• Learning areas – challenging and motivating with opportunities to develop gifts and talents

• Ability grouping

• Clarity about the learning

Teachers will develop quality reciprocal relationships and challenging programmes through:

• Knowledge of the students.

• Building a positive classroom through humour, positive attitudes and high expectations

• Goal setting

• Scaffolding and modelling the learning

• Coaching and feedback

• Encouraging reflective discussion & questioning

• Experiential learning

Using the SMARTS, teachers will create classroom environments with clear expectations that:

• Support, reinforce and inform

• Celebrate student learning and creativity

• Are stimulating and challenging

• Are safe and promote risk taking

Teachers regard themselves as learners in a learning community

Teachers will seek continuous improvement through

• Ongoing professional development linked to an effective professional appraisal programme

• Collegial sharing of best practice