Information for Parents

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This is one of the most important days of the year for our school and community. On this day children demonstrate how well they have cared for a calf, goat or lamb over the past few months. All children are encouraged to rear an animal; there are plenty of cups, ribbons and rosettes for everyone. There is a Pet section with prizes for those children who cannot raise an animal.


The whole school gathers fortnightly. Assemblies involve singing, sharing work, notices and celebrating successes. Parents, caregivers and whanau are welcome to join us.

An End of Term Assembly is held in the last week of each term. These assemblies may include class items, presentation of work, songs, certificates and end of term awards. Parents are welcome to attend.

Our End of Term 3 Assembly is held at one of our local marae.


Children are required by law to attend school on a regular basis. Regular attendance at school is vital for children so that they can maintain continuity with their learning in order to get the best possible education.

If your child is away, please let us know via an explanatory note, phone call or email so that the reason for the absence(s) can be recorded. The school office contacts all parents/caregivers regarding unexplained absences.

The Area Truancy Officer will be involved if a student is showing frequent absence from school.

For absences phone: 09 4339895

To text absences: 027 235 0099

To email absences:


The school bank account is 12-3093-0227370-00.  Please include a reference with your payment – your child’s name and what the payment is for.


Hukerenui School strives for the best standards of behaviour possible and fosters respect, consideration of others and care for property. The school supports and consolidates the positive attitudes and behaviours learned at home with praise and encouragement. Children who have difficulty with these attitudes and behaviours are given the guidance and support required to keep them on track and to behave appropriately at school.


8:45 Our learning journey begins

10:40 Feed and Read

10:50 Morning Break

11:20 Our learning journey continues

12:50 Sit and eat with Teacher

1:00 Afternoon Break

1:30 SSR

1:45 Our learning journey

2:45 Home time


Meetings are normally held at our school on the third Wednesday of the month at 5.30p.m. All are welcome to attend. Copies of the minutes and financial statements are held in the school office for parents to read.


The school bus service is an important aspect of rural education. Buses are government funded providing free transport to and from school for those students living within our transport entitlement zone.

The school has 4 buses: Rusk Rd / Towai, Tapuhi, Riponui and Puhipuhi. Good behaviour on buses is expected.


Any forms included in our enrolment package must be returned before or on the day your child starts school. A birth certificate and a copy of their immunisation certificate (5 year old’s only) must accompany these forms.

The school maintains an up to date data base for emergency purposes. Please update the school with any change of address, land line or cell phone numbers and emergency contact people.

Enrolment forms can be obtained from our office.


In order to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible Hukerenui School warmly welcomes ‘Nearly Fives’ and their parents for preschool visits prior to their fifth birthday.

Parents are required to stay with their child for the duration of visits.

Visits consist of:

2 x 1/4 day visits

8:45am – 10:45am

An opportunity for parents to talk with the class teacher regarding classroom expectations, routines and playground experiences.

This gives sufficient time for the enrolment process and paper work to be completed.


This is something we often get asked about at school. Our aim for homework is to reinforce class learning, develop self management skills as identified in the New Zealand curriculum and prepare students for further learning as identified in our charter. Our expectation is pupils will have homework which will include take-home reading material and may include literacy, numeracy or other general knowledge tasks to support classroom learning.


Students are divided into four house groups with all family members contained in the same house. The four groups and the staff responsible for them are:

Red Flamers = Mrs Tania Macdonald

Blue Sharks = Mrs Hanley

Golden Kiwis = Ms Craig

Green Dragons = Miss Baldwin, Mrs Hanley, Mrs Hayes

House groups can earn points on a daily basis for good behaviour in the playground and during school sporting events. Each term the house shield is awarded to the winning house. At the end of the year the overall winning house has their name recorded onto the house shield.


Newsletters are sent home weekly, on Thursday with the eldest in the family or can alternatively be emailed.


Frequently our classes are involved in educational visits, performances and cultural/sporting exchanges. Permission to attend school/class trips and activities is required.

Classes may undertake class camps.  This ranges from overnight to a week away from home and school.


The playcentre is located in the school grounds and is attached to Room 7. The group meets every Thursday from 9.00am – 12.30pm during term time. Room 4 visits our playcentre during the year which helps develop the transition to school for the 4 year old children.


The PTA is an important parent/teacher support group who organise fundraising events in and around the school. Upcoming meetings are advertised in the school newsletter. All parents are warmly encouraged to become active members of our PTA.


Each year student leaders are selected for the library, enviro & classroom support.


During Terms 1 and 4 all students MUST wear a hat when outside. Sunscreen is provided by the school. Children without a hat remain under the covered verandas during break times.


During the summer months regular swimming lessons are taken for all classes. Swimming is part of the school curriculum and all children must take part.


Hukerenui School provides a well resourced Specialist Technology Centre that offers opportunities to foster skills for life through Technology Education to local school. Our senior students in Years 7 and 8 attend technology every Wednesday for two terms. Other classes within the school have blocks of learning in our Technology Centre throughout the year, when it is available.


Hukerenui School has a compulsory school uniform available from The Warehouse.

Our uniform comprises of:

Summer: School house shirt or school polo top, clean & tidy blue denim or black bottoms.

Winter: Polar Fleece jumper or school sweatshirt, clean & tidy blue denim or black bottoms, long sleeve polo.

We have second hand uniforms available where parents can donate or sell uniforms.

Students representing the school for sporting activities are required to wear the school sports shirts. Shirts will be issued by the teacher and are returned to school after the event for washing. Shirts which are lost or damaged will need to be replaced by the student.


If you are visiting the school please sign the visitors book at the office – this helps us account for you in case of an emergency.