Maize Project

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The maize project was a huge success! Thank you to all our contractors who supported us so well, and Mr Dave Dent who bought our maize.
We invited our contractors to a celebratory morning tea and presented them with certificates of excellence for the work they had done. We were lucky that they all said they would help us again next season.
Click on “Contractors morning tea” to see some photos.
We would like to thank Pioneer Seeds for their support and they have pledged to support us again next season.

Dave Dent handing us the chequeContractors morning tea

A strong belief in supporting students to learn through real life experiences has contributed to a journey to use our rural situation to the benefit of our students’ education.  To encourage better student engagement and to support boys education effectively, the school’s community problem solving team started an inquiry into how to do this best.  Planting maize became a focus and after contacting Pioneer Seeds and meeting with their area manager Mr Craig Booth, the thinking developed further into finding more land for the purpose.

The end result is that our intermediate students have now formed a company (The A-Maizing maize company)  and is learning how to secure resources and have planted 5ha of maize.  The concept of learning through  Social Enterprize is developing steadily.   The learning journey is amazing and the whole school is benefiting from it.  This programme is only the beginning of more to come – all part of an inquiry lead by the community problem solving team of Hukerenui School.