Our History

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Hukerenui School has a rich and well-preserved history – a history that positions it as the heart of the community. The original school, established in 1889, was surrounded by a number of small schools which were amalgamated in 1949.

In 1957 the Hukerenui District High School was built and, when this closed in 1973, the Primary School shifted to the current site, where the High School originally operated.

Hukerenui is a rural district with many families involved in dairy farming and there are also a number of lifestyle blocks. The rural nature of the community is an important aspect of the school culture and is reflected in the very well supported Agricultural Day – held annually – which showcases students’ commitment to a “pet” animal project. Good numbers of students represent the school at the Whangarei Group Calf Club event held annually in Whangarei and have won the trophy for the most successful school for four consecutive years (2008-2011).

Close ties are kept with the surrounding schools for sporting and cultural visits and the school works closely with its community. This includes an ongoing 16commitment to develop relationships with the Akerama and Whakapara marae.

The original school motto of “Manners Maketh the Man” was updated in 1997 as a vision statement to reflect the educational goals of the school:

“Quality learning in a rural community – Ahua tino pai te mohiotanga i nga kainga taiwhenua.”

logo111School Logo: The hands represent knowledge which is the foundation on which we develop the principles, curriculum learning areas, assessment and self review of the new curriculum. The eight koru represent each of the year groups in our school. The cascading waters represent the Māori meaning of Hukerenu and symbolize the enhancement of knowledge through the key competencies, inquiry and thinking skills.