Reporting to Parents

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At Hukerenui School we:

Work hard so that progress and achievement is acknowledged and celebrated.

Make clear what is expected of students, staff and parents.

Aim to foster students who are Skilled, Mannerly, Achieve, Reflective and Trustworthy (SMART kids).

Celebrate our rural multi-cultural school community.

Foster positive relationships with our local iwi and continue to develop Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori.

Reporting to Parents

The school believes in building sound, trusting relationships between the teacher, the student and the student’s family. The school’s open door policy allows for frequent and informal communication between all parties. Teachers include information about their classroom fortnightly in our school newsletter, outlining important information. Classroom teachers may make phone contact on occasions to share with you any celebrations that children have had or discuss support that children may require.

The school also has the following structured reporting opportunities for communication.

Parent/Teacher/Student conferences:

Hukerenui School expects all parents/caregivers to attend the conference meeting each year. Conferences provide an opportunity for a conversation between the student, parents and the teacher that is focused on learning. Initially this conversation is likely to be more parent – teacher lead but over time we expect students to develop more of a personal voice in the conference process. It will also involve setting goals which will be reviewed in the written report at the end of the year.

Written Reports:

For Years 4–8: A mid-year report in Term 2 and a comprehensive written report in Term 4 are completed by teachers. These reports reflect the progress and achievement of each student. They both contain a balance of what has been achieved, concerns, if any, and next learning steps.

Anniversary Reports:

Reporting to parents for students in Rooms 4 and 5 differs from the rest of the school.

Achievement in relation to the National Standards in these two classes is measured ‘After one year at school’ and ‘After two years at school’. Our Mid Anniversary and Anniversary Reports are tailored to suit each child based on the date that they first started school. After 6 months and 18 months at school a Mid Anniversary Report is written by the teacher for each student and an interview is set up with their parents. After 12 months and 24 months at school, an Anniversary Report is written and an interview arranged with the student’s parents once again.

Tailoring reports for students means that interviews will take place throughout the year for Rooms 4 and 5 students.

Learning Needs & Gifted Education programmes

Our key focus is to provide the best education to all children and to seek support for children that require extra help or who need extending.

The school has developed a comprehensive system for monitoring the needs of pupils in the school.

Further Educational Support:

The school has close links to the following organisations:

Group Special Education

Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

Resource Teacher of Literacy

Gifted Kids Programme

Speech Language Therapist SPELD

We are involved in the following initiatives:

Student Achievement Function

Mid North Literacy

Accelerated Literacy Learning