Vision and Mission Statements

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“Promoting Excellence in Learning within our Rural Community”

“Kia tautokohia te ako rangatira ki te hapori O Hukerenui”

Motto: “The Key Is Me”


Hukerenui School develops SMART students who are confident, connected, actively engaged, life long learners.


At Hukerenui School we take pride in our school by valuing and encouraging SMARTs

We are :
SSupportive:We are proud of our school and support one another
MMannerly:We use good manners and are considerate towards others
AAchievers:We strive for excellence in all we do
who are :
RReflective:We reflect and set goals for our learning
TTrustworthy:We are honest and dependable members of our community.
**Recognise effort and commitment in ourselves and others.
**Gain self belief and independence by being goal orientated, taking reasoned risks, questioning and being resilient.
**Value whanaungatanga and foster strong collaborative skills.
**Continue to learn and strive to be the ‘best we can be’.

Our school values and respects the special perspectives of our community and we will do our best to:

**Develop policies and practices that reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the unique position of the Māori culture.
**Nurture our multi-cultural heritage within the school and community.
**Be accepting and value others’ cultures, heritage and differences.
**Reflect the nature of multiculturalism in classroom activities.
**Take all reasonable steps to provide instruction in tikanga and te reo Māori for students.