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“Working at Hukerenui last June, was a wonderful surprise.........Their core teaching beliefs are totally aligned with creating curious, keen kids that get exposed to all that life is throwing at us, both inside, but more importantly outside!

The bee hives they run are impressive, their natural technologies are exemplary and the school grounds are to die for.

This school is surrounded by natural resources—just like it used to be; and the teachers totally get it!”

Ruud Kleinpaste

Children are friendly and confident. They enjoy a rich ‘real life learning’ curriculum, based on rural (Recognising Understanding Rural Agricultural Learning) contexts. This innovative curriculum provides hands on learning. It includes many opportunities for children to take leadership and access outside expertise, including parents/whānau, to support their learning. The curriculum is nationally and internationally recognised. It features science, learning outside the classroom, enterprise and sustainable practices. 

ERO Report 2017