Hukerenui School Bus Routes

Students who attend Hukerenui School and reside within our Transport Entitlement Zone (TEZ) will be eligible to travel on a Ministry funded school bus service. We have 3 funded bus routes which service Riponui, Towai & Tapuhi areas. Students who reside outside of our TEZ and choose to attend Hukerenui School must provide their own transport. However, there is a Puhipuhi bus available which is currently funded by the Hukerenui School Board of Trustees. This is reviewed each year.

Our school buses are managed as part of the Whangarei North Transport Network Group which comprises of seven other schools including high schools. This group meets termly and the aim of this group is to provide pupils with a safe and effective transport network. Changes to bus routes must be presented to this group for approval but can only be done if the route falls within the MOE transport guidelines.

Hukerenui School runs a very tight operation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students.

  • each bus has 3-4 student bus monitors
  • behavioural issues are dealt with swiftly by the teacher in charge of the bus group
  • students walk in a single file line in the mornings from the bus to the classrooms with bus monitors at either end of the line
  • at the end of the day, all students report to their bus group classroom and are accounted for before the teacher accompanies them down to the bus bay

Managing bus/pickup routines and continual changes can be time consuming for office staff. We ask parents of the following:

  • any changes to the normal way your child travels home must be delivered in writing on paper, email or text or a phone call to the office before 1.30pm
  • students cannot make these changes themselves and will be sent home their normal way
  • students who are being picked up from school will be waiting for collection in Room 1 and are to be collected by 2.40pm. We do not offer after school care and teachers have other commitments to fulfill after 2.40pm
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