Policies & Procedures


Curriculum Delivery & Assessment Policy.pdf
NAG 1 Procedures.pdf
EOTC Policy.pdf
Education Outside the Classroom Procedure.pdf
Special Needs Policy.pdf

Self Review

Documentation and Self Review 2017.pdf
NAG 2 Procedures 2017.pdf


Allocation of Units Policy 2018.pdf
Cell phone policy 2017.pdf
Classroom Release Time 2018.pdf
Complaints 2017.pdf
Complaints Procedures Charts 2017.pdf
BOT Complaints Procedures Charts 2017.pdf
Equal Emplo. Opp. Policy 2017.pdf
Media Policy 2017.pdf
Performance Management Policy.Feb 2018.pdf
Personnel 2017.pdf
Professional Development Policy 2017.pdf

Finance & Property

Financial Management Policy - Hukerenui 2018.pdf
Internal Control of Finance Procedure 2018.pdf
Property Management policy 2019.pdf
Agreement for Use of School Swimming Pool Outside of School Hours.pdf
Theft and Fraud Policy 2019.pdf

Health & Safety

Animal Ethics Policy 2016.pdf
Emergency Evacuation Procedures & Policy 2019.pdf
Behaviour management Policy & Procedures 2020.pdf
Consequence flow charts.pdf
Hukerenui Health Safety Policy Procedures 2016.pdf
Child Protection Policy and Procedure 2016.pdf
Anti-Bullying Procedures 2020.pdf
Health and Safety procedures - Authentic Learning programmes.pdf
Bus procedures 2020.pdf
Self Injury policy.pdf
School Bus Expectations 2020.pdf


Administration Procedures 2019.pdf
Legislation and Regulation Policy 2019.pdf
Privacy Policy 2019.pdf
Protected Disclosures Policy 2019.pdf
pandemic plan Hukerenui 2020.pdf