Policies & Procedures


Curriculum Delivery & Assessment Policy 2021.pdf
NAG 1 Procedures 2021.pdf
Special Needs Policy 2021.pdf
EOTC Policy 2023.pdf
Education Outside the Classroom Procedure 2023.pdf

Self Review

Documentation and Self Review 2021.pdf
NAG 2 Procedures 2021.pdf


Allocation of Units Policy 2022.pdf
Mobile phone device policy 2022.pdf
Classroom Release Time Policy 2022.pdf
Complaints Policy 2022.pdf
Complaints Procedures Chart B 2022.pdf
Complaints Procedures Chart A 2022.pdf
Equal Employment Opportunities Policy 2022.pdf
Media Policy 2022.pdf
3.007.Performance Management Policy 2023.pdf
Personnel Policy 2023.pdf
Professional Development Policy 2022.pdf

Finance & Property

Financial Management Policy 2022.pdf
Internal Control of Finance Procedure 2022.pdf
Property Management policy 2022.pdf
Theft and Fraud Policy 2022.pdf

Health & Safety

Animal Ethics Policy 2023.pdf
Emergency Management Policy 2023.pdf
Emergency Management Procedures 2023.pdf
Behaviour management Policy & Procedures 2020.pdf
Consequence flow charts.pdf
Hukerenui Health Safety & Wellbeing Policy 2023.pdf
Hukerenui Health Safety & Wellbeing Procedures 2023.pdf
Child Protection Policy and Procedure 2023.pdf
Anti-Bullying Procedures 2023.pdf
Health and Safety procedures - Authentic Learning programmes.pdf
Bus procedures 2023.pdf
Self Injury policy 2023.pdf
School Bus Expectations 2020.pdf
Hukerenui School Online Safety Policy & Procedures 2021.pdf
Physical Restraint Policy 2023.pdf


6.001.Administration Procedures 2022.pdf
6.002.Privacy Policy 2022.pdf
6.003.Protected Disclosures Policy 2022.pdf
6.004.Legislation and Regulation Policy 2022.pdf