Hukerenui is a settlement in Northland, New Zealand. State Highway 1 passes through the area. Kawakawa is northwest, and Hikurangi is southeast.

The settlement began as Hukerenui South in 1886, with a request made by a group of local people for the land under the Village Homestead Special Settlement system. The village was opened to the first 25 settler families the following year.

Although the main road from Whangarei to Kawakawa passed through it, the road was only a dirt track, and was impassible during winter. Gum digging was one of the initial sources of income, but the Government cancelled gum-digging licences after fires in early 1888.[3] A flax mill at Towai provided some jobs. Some were employed to build and improve the roads.

Jack Morgan Museum, Hukerenui

Hukerenui is home to the Jack Morgan Museum, Hukerenui Bar & Cafe, Mid Northern Scout Group, Mid Northern Rugby Club, Mid Northern Hockey Club, Hukerenui School Netball Club, Hukerenui & Districts Memorial Hall and the Hukerenui Cemetary.