Enrolling and starting your child at Hukerenui School

Enrolment Scheme/Zoning

The Ministry of Education is currently working with our Board of Trustees to establish a new enrolment scheme for Hukerenui School.  The new scheme will come into effect 1st January 2025.  The consultation period is open from 27th May 2024 until 6th July 2024.  You can access the consultation here https://consultation.education.govt.nz/education/hukerenui-school/ 

All students enrolled AND attending our school before the end of Term 4 of 2024 are deemed 'In Zone' regardless of their place of residence.

When should I enrol my child to go to school?

Your child can start school or kura in New Zealand between age 5 and 6. All children must be enrolled at school by their sixth birthday.

When your child has started at school, they must go to school every day. This is a change from the earlier rule, where regular attendance was required only from age 6.

Enrolling early helps us with our planning. As soon as you've decided, get in touch with us to enrol your child, arrange a time for your child to start and arrange some visits to get your child used to school.

Cohort entry

Hukerenui School has cohort entry, new entrants will start in groups throughout the year, up until they turn 6.

Previously, new entrants could start at the beginning of term closest to their fifth birthday – which meant some 4 year olds could start school just before they turn 5.

From January 2020, new entrants will only be able to start school after they have turned five, to support a high level of school readiness and honouring the development of the child we at Hukerenui School prefer students to start at the beginning of the term after they turn 5.  Please see documentation below.

Documents for enrolling

After School Care

Hukerenui School does not currently offer after school care. 

Enrolment Form 2022.pdf
Medical Consent Form.pdf
Transition to Learn programme information 2020.pdf
Information for Parents Attendance Absences.pdf

Information for families of new entrants

How can I help my child get ready for school?

Here are some ideas to help your child become familiar with the school:

Talk to the teacher about your child

When teachers know children well they are better able to support their learning.  Talk to the teacher and let them know things like:

The teacher might also appreciate you sharing your child's portfolio or profile book from their ECE service or Kōhanga Reo. This will give the teacher valuable information about your child's learning, and can also link up your child's early childhood, home and school experiences.

Teach your child the practical skills they'll need

Before your child starts school, it's helpful if they can:

Help them get ready to learn

They may find it easier to participate in the class if they:

In your child’s school bag

In the morning before you leave

When you get to school

After school

Transition to School Flyer.pdf