Kia Ora and Welcome to Hukerenui School’s Website

At Hukerenui School nothing is more important than our students’ well being and education. We have worked away at developing a unique experience for each student at Hukerenui, and are proud of our culture, vision and principles.

We are dedicated to support all our students with experiences that give purpose to learning. Hukerenui School actively promotes authentic learning in a deliberate and purposeful way.

We also work purposefully to resource our school to ensure smaller numbers per classroom.

We have turned our rural land space into a learning resource and deliver an integrated curriculum for science, technology, health, social science, maths, literacy and the arts using our developed land spaces for hands on learning experiences.

We have alpacas, bees, a lavender plantation, an orchard, composting, a vegetable garden and a native bush. We also plant a maize trial with the support of Pioneer Seeds on our school grounds and plant another 5 ha of maize on a neighbouring farm.

Our students therefore also develop skills in entrepreneurship and finance, as they organise the work involved with various supportive contractors, who all support the school by donating their service and students then sell the maize for a profit.

A yearly craft market, where students sell those products they make from produce from the bees, alpacas, lavender, native plants, fruit and vegetables provides the same learning. This includes many healing balms, and a variety of products fit for storing. There are many criteria around the learning that guides the deeper development of knowledge in all curriculum areas.

We are working towards developing further implementation of authentic learning by effective integrated curriculum planning, assessing and careful timetabling to sustain the programmes.

Mrs Bastienne Johnston