Well being

We have a wonderful programme embedded in our school to support the continuous developing and sustaining of our values. These values were collaborated with our wider community and plays an integral role in the culture of our school. Our focus on reinforcing positive behaviour is closely aligned to our implementation and practising of theses values. They are communicated to our families and as a result, the message from home is the same as from school, making this a winning strategy. Consistency always wins!

School logo: The hands represent knowledge which is the foundation on which we develop the principles, curriculum learning areas, assessment and self-review of the new curriculum. The eight koru represent each of the year groups in our school. The cascading waters represent the Māori meaning of Hukerenui and symbolize the enhancement of knowledge through the key competencies, inquiry and thinking skills.

The original school motto of “Manners Maketh the Man” was updated in 1997 as a vision statement to reflect the educational goals of the school: “Quality learning in a rural community – Ahua tino pai te mohiotanga i nga kainga taiwhenua.” In 2018, the review of our school’s values concluded that the current motto is an excellent representation of our vision.

In 2018, the school community developed specific plans to develop the practice of the newly updated values of the school. A whole school implementation continued and whole school practices were sustained. We developed a visual representation to support our values and the design is currently being finalized to be launched in 2020.